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Heart centered work grounded in cutting-edge change

Cynthia J. Winn, LMFT

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I specialize in helping adolescents, teens and adults work through stress and issues that we all face.

I am a certified EMDR Therapist. EMDR is a highly effective treatment for people that require deep change, and do not want to stay stuck with experiencing intense feelings of pain and shame.

I also use ImTT (Image Transformational Therapy) which is a new approach to resolve and release and clear out negative memories. The unique advantage of this approach over other therapies is that the intense feelings of pain, fear, guilt and shame do not have to be experienced to be released.

I am also a certified IMAGO Couples Therapist, with an emphasis on short term and intensive work that is especially designed to create breakthroughs.

Special Note: My sessions are 90 minutes in length.

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Heart centered work grounded in cutting-edge change
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