Sexual Issues

Worries about sexual issues can profoundly affect a person’s mood, thoughts, and well-being. People may fear others will think their sexual concerns are inappropriate. They may not wish to talk to partners, family, and friends about these issues. This can cause anxiety, frustration, and shame. These feelings may lead to further distress. If someone feels uncomfortable discussing sex, therapy may help. People may share their fantasies, fears, memories, or desires about sexuality.

When it comes to sensitive topics, sex is at the top of the list. It’s a highly charged, complex subject that many of us don’t like to talk about. We tend to try and “tough it out” when it comes to sexual issues, which can lead to huge problems later on. I address sex related issues including:

  • Low Sexual Desire
  • Mixed sexual drives among couples
  • Pornogaphy/Compulsive Sexuality (It’s NOT about the sex!) What the person really wants is the feeling linked with the sexual behavior.
  • Difficulty with Arousal or Reaching Orgasm
  • Sexual Trauma
  • Emotional Issues surrounding infertility
  • Recovery from infidelities (being either emotionally or physically engaged with someone outside of your relationship).
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