Couples Therapy

Specializing in short term and intensive therapy to create relational breakthroughs

Strengthening your relationship bond by:

  • Through the steps and principles from Imago Therapy & the Gottman Method the sessions are designed to practice non-threatening communication exercises in expressing your longings, fears and needs to one another. We then build small, manageable behavioral steps so that you can give to your partner what their love language needs the structure of the sessions provides respect & safety!
  • Additionally, I use current conflicts/frustrations and criticisms as an opening to understand your deeper needs and desires. The couple learns right away techniques on lessening emotional reactivity and defensiveness and step-by-step increasing relational availability especially with difficult conversations.
  • The aim is to rediscover & re-establish the romance, security, and sexuality of the best time in your relationship.
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I look forward to helping you work towards the fulfillment and balance you deserve.

“My passion is to help people find practical answers to the troubles in life.”

- C. Winn